WOMMA has invited me and two other bloggers to cover their WOMBAT conference in San Francisco this week, so if you happen to be anywhere near the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge, definitely come by the conference and say hello. (I’ll even let you buy me a beer if you want to meet and chat after we adjourn.) In case you don’t know what I look like, I’ll be the guy sporting Chico the chihuahua (the brandbuilder mascot) on his name tag.

FYI: I should be cross-posting from the WOMMA blog through Wednesday (maybe even Thursday for a WOMBAT wrap-up), so if things here take on a slightly less editorial tone here, it will be because I will need to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. Everything will be back to normal before you know it, but definitely take advantage of the front row seats I’ll be sharing with you this week. 🙂

Full Disclosure: I am not a member of WOMMA. Though WOMMA has agreed to cover my hotel and conference registration, I will receive no payment in exchange for my coverage of this event. The opinions expressed in my blog posts on the WOMMA, Brandbuilder and Corante blogs will be mine, and not dictated or influenced in any way by anyone associated with WOMMA.