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Could Coca Cola consumption truly be an indicator of wealth, health and freedom? That’s what a recent report published by The Economist claims:

“There is a loose but clear positive relationship between Coke consumption and wealth — perhaps not surprisingly. Even clearer is the relationship between cola and an index developed by the United Nations to show general quality of life (as measured by wealth, education, health and literacy). Coke consumption takes off at the upper end of the development scale. Finally, democracy goes better with Coke. Consumption rises with political freedom, as measured by Freedom House’s seven-point scale.

Have a cola, North Korea.”

images courtesy of The Economist.

Makes sense.

Note: The suggestion is that Coca Cola consumption is an indicator of weath… not one of its contributing factors. 😉

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This is one of the coolest apps/tools/interfaces I’ve run into in a while. It’s fun, it’s visually engaging, it works, and it’s a cool idea. The site basically aggregates emotions and feelings by tracking keywords across a pretty wide field of blogs every ten minutes… and converts that data into reactive, color-coded metrics. It’s kind of beautiful in its own very special way, and super effective. (Kiss your graphs and pie charts goodbye.)

(Thanks to New Persuasion‘s Nellie Lide for pointing me to Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar‘s very cool work, by the way.)

Go to We Feel Fine, and launch the app. (Click on the box that says “open we feel fine.”) Once the main screen fills up with bouncing bubbles (which you can play with), let your eyes drift to the bottom left, and start exploring. The design of the site, the way data interacts with your mouse and the constant stream of updated content are very nice. Too bad John and Sep haven’t yet put together a little 1-inch screen applet (sort of like an RSS mood ring) that gives you constant passive feedback on the emotional state of the blogosphere, and lets you access the latest online emotional data whenever you feel like it. (Hey, don’t laugh. Lots of us like to feel sort of connected to the hive mind.)

Anyway. Great idea and design for what could become a fresh and powerful research tool. 🙂

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Who’s speaking at Corante‘s Innovative Marketing Conference (IMC) at Columbia Business School this week? Here’s the short list:

Deepak Advani | Elizabeth Albrycht | Tom Asacker | David Balter | Renee Hopkins Callahan | Christopher Carfi | David C. Churbuck | Bryan Eisenberg | Shawn Gold | John Hagel | Neville Hobson | Shel Holtz | Chip Hoyt | Gwen Ishmael | Joseph Jaffe | Lee Johnson | Max Kalehoff | Lois Kelly | Russ Klein | Kevin Lee | Heidi Lehmann | Max Lenderman | Craig Newmark | Dr. Joseph Plummer | Giovanni Rodriguez | Douglas Rushkoff | Bernd Schmitt | Ruth P. Stevens | David Sutherland | Bill Tancer | Tony Ulwick | Larry Weber | David Weinberger | John Winsor

Check out the photos from Day 1 by clicking here.

Also swing by Fast Company’s blogjam for some live blogging, thanks to Renee Hopkins Callahan, Johnnie Moore, Neville Hobson, Hylton Jolliffe, and Paul Gladen. (Yep, we’re talking live blog coverage and podcasts.)

Today was the CMO summit… round table discussions, presentations from folks like Bernd Schmitt, David Weinberger, John Hagel, Johnnie Moore, and RussKlein…

Why am I not there? Grrr… Don’t ask.

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