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I found this gem on the Church of The Customer blog today (originally borrowed from the WOMMA blog):

Betsy Weber, the chief evangelist for software toolmaker TechSmith, has five solid tips for being an official company evangelist and helping create other evangelists just like yourself.

1. Be a power listener.
Listen as much as you talk (if not more). Then, bring those conversations with customers into your company so the user’s voice is heard. Keep the conversations going. Relate the feedback you hear to product teams, be the voice of the customer, and fight for what they want at your company.

2. Get out of the marketing department.
This isn’t a marketing job. This isn’t to create sales. It’s about customer care and customer relationships. Dump the marketing lingo. Be transparent, open and honest. You have to be an extrovert and people person. It’s almost a way of life — you’re either suited for it or you’re not.

3. Get your whole company onboard.
It takes more than a Chief Evangelist to create customer evangelists. Every area that the customers interact with must be on board with creating customer evangelists. If one department fails to give outstanding service or gives the customer a negative experience the whole company is affected.

4. Open the front door and be accessible.
Give out your direct phone number and real email address. If you hide behind voicemail and an email alias you might miss a great opportunity. Give VIP tours and arrange for customer meet-ups. Customers will appreciate it and it can be a competitive advantage.

5. Have passion.
You must love and believe in the products, and you have to be passionate about the people who use them. If you won’t, who will?


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I just found this juicy little morsel on Lois Kelly’s Foghound blog:

“If James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” BRAVO television program, were to interview a marketing person , here’s how he’d probably adapt his famous 10 questions that he asks at the end of the show. How would you answer them? At next week’s Corante/Columbia Marketing Innovation conference I plan to pose this questions to a number of outspoken people and share what they have to say.”

Cool idea. Let’s hit it:

What’s your favorite marketing word?

What is your least favorite marketing word?
It’s a tossup between ‘Actionable’ and ‘Safe’.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally about marketing?
Turning people on to products you know they’ll absolutely love.

What turns you off about marketing?

What’s your favorite curse word when you see really bad marketing?
What the f..ck?!

What sound or noise do marketers make that you love?
The combined sounds of laughter and pencils scratching paper.

What sound or noise do marketers make that you hate?
Anything that sounds either like a monologue, spin, business-speak… or any combination of the three.

What profession other than marketing should marketers attempt to become better at marketing?
Product Design.

What profession should marketers never try?

If marketing heaven exists, what would God say when a marketer arrives at the Pearly Gates?
“I’ve heard about you.”

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