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So… our ranking in the Technorati top Branding blogs kind of slipped to the low 30’s several months ago (sigh), but we just made the Viral Marketing’s Top 25 Marketing blogs!!!! The list is based on Alexa’s ratings.

All together now: “Huzzah!”

Thanks to Coolzor for the heads-up.

Considering who is on that list, I am so beyond honored to be in such good company that I can’t even think of something clever to say about the whole thing.

(And no, I don’t mind being dead last on that list, either. – Whew. Just made the cut!) Listen up, kids, because this is important: Top 25 lists are a whole lot easier to get into than Top 10 lists.

(You can quote me on that.)

Here’s the damage:

1 – Seth’s Blog
2 – Guy Kawasaki
3 – Gaping Void
4 – Duct Tape Marketing
5 – Creating Passionate Users
6 – Marketing Shift
7 – HorsePigCow
8 – Brand Autopsy
9 – Church of the Customer
10 – What’s Next
11 – Coolzor
12 – Emergence Marketing
13 – Jaffe Juice
14 – Marketing Roadmaps
15 – Beyond Madison Avenue
16 – Diva Marketing
17 – Jack Yan
18 – Johnnie Moore’s Weblog
19 – What’s Your Brand Mantra
20 – Marketing Begins At Home
21 – Decker Marketing
22 – Being Reasonable
23 – The Origin of Brands
24 – Crossroads Dispatches
25 – The Brand Builder Blog

Wow. I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something today. 🙂

Okay… almost.

Note: Sorry about the re-post. The image was so HUGE it was screwing up my page. Blogger is having hiccups this week.

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