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Marcy’s Gift

Marcy Jarvis is a very cool writer, poet, artist, and friend. She just sent me a copy of her latest collection of poems (Advice) and it’s just wonderful. It’s the second book she’s sent me, and both sit on my coffee table right now. (And probably will for a very, very long time.)

One of my favorite things about the book is that almost every illustration that she didn’t create herself (every poem has its own) comes from friends Marcy has made on Buzznet. (Buzznet is an online community very much like Flickr… only a little tighter. It’s kind of like a Mac vs. PC or Ford vs. Chevy thing, if that makes any sense. They’re both good.) Anyway. Marcy’s poetry is inspired by blogs and photoblogs… which is fascinating to me. Blog-inspired-poetry. How cool is that?

So… Marcy, thanks for including some of my work in your book, thanks for the autographed copy, thanks for actually printing that crazy bio, and thanks for being such a wonderful friend, inspiration and contributor to our little world.

Finding your book in my mailbox really made my day. 🙂

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