Thanks to the folks at “This Is Broken” for the heads-up on yet another brilliant marketing idea for those of us who aren’t satisfied with just plain old everyday zen: Optimum Zen! (It’s zentastic.)

Hey, to be fair, you never know when you’re going to need a little extra zen in your zen, you know? (Nothing says “I’m a real go-getter” better than a cereal that optimizes your inner harmony the way you optimize your financial reports and powerpoint presentations. Hoo-ah!)

I’m just hoping that the smart marketers at Nature’s Path will also come out with Sugar Free Zen soon, for those of us who want to be able to enjoy zen but without all the extra calories this summer. (Zen always looks a whole lot better with six-pack abs, as you well know.) Alternate names: Zen Zero, Zen One, Zen Ultra, or Zen Minus.

Or maybe even Microwavable Zen, for days when some of us just don’t have a lot of time on our hands and are forced to enjoy our morning zen on the go.

Or even Extreme Zen, for mornings when you need that monster boost of zenergy with every bite… although – and product managers, listen up – the zenplosion on the front of the box might have to get a little upgrade: Maybe some glossy lightning bolts and a HUGE volcanic erruption or something.



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