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Dear brilliant readers, you probably owe it to yourselves to add the business innovation insider to either your blogroll or your RSS feed. It’s a great resource for news, commentary,insight about our little world and everything it touches.

(And they were one of the first sites to adopt the BrandBuilder blog as a source when I first launched… which earns them some extra style points.)


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Faux Pas?

Um… Somebody who gets paid a whole lot more than many of us (and by the United Nations, no less) actually approved this ad.

For their next project, the team that put this piece together could slap a box of Trixx Cereal on an anti KKK poster. (I can see it now: “Bigotry comes in lots of fun flavors.”)



1) Denmark gets slapped in the face (as if the Danes needed any more negative attention).
2) Lego is stoked to find itself directly associated with racism around the world. (What company woudn’t!)
3) The UN now has to go through the process of having its giant foot surgically extracted from its own big mouth… But it’s hard to admit having made an error when you can only speak in vowels.
4) Money well spent rocks my world.

This is the Marketing equivalent of an oil tanker spill.

Read the whole story here
. (Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the great coverage.)

Now, let’s all go out and by some Legos. (Oooops… “Lego blocks and toys” is the correct nomenclature.)

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