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The Indie Virus

Okay, so the somewhat meme-esque tag thing a few days ago was fun, and Evan (of the increasingly popular Orange Yeti blog) took it to a whole next level by adding a seven-year curse to the formula. So far so good. It was a fun way to start the week.

This is something completely different though. And even it isn’t as fun because you don’t get to find out about the ridiculous jobs some of us have had, it’s kind of interesting nonetheless.

From what I gather, Chris Pearson (of Pearsonified) started this little “Indie Virus” experiment to:

1) bring exposure to lesser known blogs (especially those outside of Technorati’s top 100), and
2) explore the metrics behind a viral linking campaign launched by the “little guys” (less popular blogs)

Ah so. If you’re curious, read all about it here.

In the spirit of science, marketing, and the advancement of humanity, let me first thank Ron McDaniel (at Buzzoodle) for sneezing on me. If you arent familiar with his WOMM-inspired blog yet, definitely check it out. So… the question is… who will I pass the virus to?


Let’s see… So many great blogs to choose from…

Okay. I’ve made my decision:

1) The From The Marketing Trenches blog is always a great read: It’s always on the money, to the point, and full of insight. (What else can you ask for?) Go check it out at: The Indie Virus.

2) Mark True’s A Little Bit Of Mark is the other lucky infected blog. It’s still very new, but I kind of like it, and Mark has some very smart things to say. Go visit him here: The Indie Virus

If you get infected by the Indie Virus, just click on the Indie Virus/Pearsonified link already provided towards the top of this post, and follow the instructions.

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Because customer experiences are very much a part of branding, I wanted to share this post by Eric Myers with you. It’s just brilliant.

Come to think of it, just about everything Eric writes is worthy of your attention, so carve ten or fifteen minutes out of your schedule today, and go check out his little gem of a blog. You won’t be sorry.

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Insight In Action

Today’s bit of Marketing, Customer Experience, Design & Product Development advice comes from Kathy Sierra‘s blog:

“Your job is to anticipate… To give them what they want and/or what they need just before they have to “ask” for it – to be surprising yet self-evident at the same time. If you are too far behind, or too far ahead of them, you create problems, but if you are right with them, leading them ever so slightly, the flow of events feels natural and exciting at the same time.”

Walter Murch

iPod wasn’t designed by users. It was designed for users. No… wait… it was designed to be loved by users.

If your job deals with customer experience design, (product, web, retail, customer service, touchpoint ideation, advertising, etc.) print either the sentence that came just before this paragraph or Walter Murch’s bit of wisdom, and pin it to your office wall. Either one can (and probably should) become your new mantra.

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