Mea culpa. Spike’s last post made me look. After what… six months, the brandbuilder finally passed the top 25,000 mark on technorati. I guess it’s kind of a milestone, although I’m not sure how relevant it really is.

I’ll just say this: For what it’s worth, I’m kind of happy to see the counter moving in the right direction… just out of principle, if anything.

As of today, I only have 24,504 other sites to beat before I can complete my goal of global blog domination. Yep, at this rate, it should only take me another twelve years or so to become one of those elite A-listers. (As if.)

(Hey, a guy needs goals, right?) Meh!

So thanks for reading my humble little musings, everyone. I’d share the bubbly stuff with you, but it would be kind of gauche of me… what, with my barely being a B-lister and all. (Or is that a C-lister? I forget.)

Nevertheless, cheers, sante, salud, kanpai, etc.