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Innovation & Brands

There you go. Get me started on innovation, and I won’t shut up. It’s a thing.

Brand Central Station‘s Mike Bawden posted a great piece about the connection between innovation and brands on his blog last September, which I found again by accident yesterday. Here are some of my favorite passages:

“Why do we get the inspiration for innovation? I think it may be part of the
human condition – that we’re always trying to make things better. Sometimes it’s
a personal challenge to see if we can outdo what’s been “done” before. Other
times, it’s a more practical reaction to a need expressed by someone we care for
… a customer, a co-worker, a family member.”

“It’s important to understand how innovation can effect the perceived value
of your brand. Done right, innovations can keep your brand fresh and relevent to
those people who already know and understand it. Innovation can also open your
brand to new market opportunities.”

Yep. Innovate or die.

Check out the full post here.

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