image courtesy of Coca Cola

Where do you go once you’ve mastered the art of reading satellite maps on the NOAA website? You go here.

Thanks to Coca Cola, you can now check the world’s current state of chillness… or bugness, along with weekly trends, % of change, etc.. The site also lets you zoom-in (Tom Clancy style) on whatever little corner of the planet you want, and find out more about unusual clusters of red or yellow (buggin’ and freakin’, respectively).

Cool site? Sure. Cool quantitative tool? Absolutely:

While the site doesn’t actually track Coca Cola Zero drinkers (or Coca Cola drinkers, for that matter), it does geographically track the site’s semi-viral spread. More interestingly, rather than showing you hits, it shows you where web surfers who choose to interract with the site are. Valuable info? In the right hands, you bet. The site literally maps out what you might call viral clusters… which… if you’re into designing viral campaigns, is kind of important. (The lack of data on the map is at least as telling as the actual colorful points of data, by the way.)

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