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Buzz Metrics?

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Another bullseye post by John Moore on his Brand Autopsy blog, this time, in response to Catharine Taylor’s Pssst! How Do You Measure Buzz? piece in AdWeek. Here’s a taste:

The major reason why word-of-mouth hasn’t taken off is not because marketers lack the metrics to measure it. It’s because most products, services, and businesses simply aren’t worth talking about.


Marketers should worry less about the metrics of “WOMUnits” and more about the message of the word-of-mouth activity. The more compelling and interesting marketers make the “WOMUnit,” the more people will talk about it.


Also marketers need to realize word-of-mouth is more than a marketing issue — it’s a business issue. Marketers cannot simply sprinkle magical word-of-mouth marketing dust to create long-lasting word of mouth. For endearing and enduring word-of-mouth to happen, the activity must become part of the company’s culture. Sustainable word-of-mouth is much more a way of doing business every day than a component to a two-week heavy-up marketing blitz.


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