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Blog Appreciation Day

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Okay. Some days, I don’t have anything really all that relevant to write about. It isn’t so much that I didn’t do anything interesting today (I did), but… I’d rather yield the floor to fellow bloggers whose posts were particularly good.

First, grab a cup of java and go hit Kathy Sierra’s latest post: if you could change only one thing. Not only will you learn about kerning and trapped white space, but it’s a damn good exploration of the potential for change… one observation at a time.

Then hop on over to hugh’s gaping void blog for a brilliant Seth Godin paraphrase: “The future of marketing is being able to create stories other people will want to tell.” Then check out his blog cards and buy a set. (You know you want to!)

And then there’s an afternoon’s worth of reading with Tom Peters’ The “PSF” IS Everything! , which is probably the coolest thing I’ve read all month. (Over three pages anyway.) Be ready because it’s 109 pages long… But they’re short pages. And they’re GREAT pages. Great great great great great. Really.

And if you’re hungry for more once you’re done, feel free to pick any of the links on the right side of this page. Some are about marketing. Others are about advertising. Design. Photography. PR. They’re all really good.

Discover a new voice today.


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