Soundbite of the week:

As WOMMA CEO Andy Sernovitz pointed out marketers have three choices when it comes to word of mouth: They need to choose to participate in it, they need to choose honesty in their communications and they need to choose to make it easy by working with products and services that are good enough to warrant word of mouth. “Truth always rises to the surface” he said.

Realty Freak, speaking of his experience at the WOMMA conference in NYC last week

Note: Realty Freak’s blog makes no apologies about holding the realty industry to high ethical standards. That’s actually the whole point. His blog’s mission statement is basically spelled out in RF’s very first post:

“Realty Freak” will be part of my ongoing effort to help change the real estate industry for the better by exposing the less transparent practices of real estate agents and brokers.


And there is the fundamental spirit of WOMM (for anyone who still can’t distinguish between WOMMand stealth marketing: Truth.

Anyway, great new blog.