There used to be a post here.

I removed it because the company it was about (which the post praised, by the way) asked me to. Actually, they asked me to remove a lot of stuff from this blog that pertained to them. Logos, images, etc.

This kind of reminds me of FedEx’s deal with the furniture, only worse, because while Jose Avila’s brush with FedEx had to do with an “alternate” uses for FedEx boxes, I only said nice things about this particular company. I presented them and their products in a positive light. I encouraged readers of this blog to find out more about them.

So much for that.

So here you go. All images or your products have been removed. all marks and logos have been removed. Any links to your sites have been deleted. I did this gladly because to be featured on this blog is a privilege you obviously do not deserve.

Good riddance.

Some companies get it, and others don’t.

Update: hey look, I am using this post as a mule for this image. (Now it serves a purpose again.)